Les Patisseries de Sébastien: Best Croissants in Berlin?

Les Patisseries de Sébastien: Best Croissants in Berlin?


No wonder people line up on Sunday mornings for Sébastien's butter croissants, pains au chocolat (chocolate breads), brioche and traditional baguette. An authentic French bakery in Berlin Mitte, located in the Invalidenstraße, whose croissants rival the best croissants in France!

An authentic French bakery - pastry shop in Berlin Mitte

Outside this small shop in Berlin Mitte, the smell of croissant and bread coming out of the oven is already making your mouth water. Inside, we see the chef, Sébastien, bringing a batch of croissants or chocolate breads, ready to go into the oven. Here, everything is prepared on site, hand-made and in accordance with French tradition. A true artisan baker - pastry chef, as few of us see in Berlin.

The croissants are beautiful, slightly caramelized on top, crispy, with an airy texture and a slightly sweet buttered taste. They are perfectly balanced, with the right amount of butter, neither too much nor too little. No need for jam or nutella to enjoy them!

Almond croissants are again a delight. Stuffed with almonds, they are of course more delicious than the natural croissant and also provide a lot of pleasure.

The brioche: golden brown, with a buttery taste and an incredibly soft texture. It is a Nanterre brioche, that is, without milk, just with butter. In three sizes: small, medium and large.

The other pastries, pains au chocolat (chocolate breads), raisin breads, as well as bread and of course the traditional baguette are also very good.

There are also the cakes that remind us of those made by our grandmothers: the strawberry cake, very creamy with beautiful aromatic strawberries, the Saint Honoré cake with cream puff and caramel, the tarte tatin, composed of delicious caramelized apples, the opera, with its multiple layers of chocolate and coffee, the chocolate eclairs, the apricot pie...

The coffee house

The inside of the coffee is relatively simple and lacks a little warmth or maybe space. As for the two terraced tables, they unfortunately look directly onto the noisy main street, Invalidenstraße. I personally prefer to take my croissants to take away for breakfast and then go and enjoy them at home or on the lawn of the Weinbergspark, the garden next door.

In short, everything is excellent. And if you haven't tasted his croissants yet, do it because they are for us the best in Berlin, without a doubt!

What you should try: The croissant, the croissant with almonds, the brioche, the strawberry cake and the Saint-Honoré cake

Particularity of the place: Everything is homemade, on site, in the French tradition.

Whom to go with: With friends, family, children, those who have never tasted a real traditional butter croissant before or those who are nostalgic for France.

Price: Butter croissant: 1,50€, Brioche for 4 people: 6,50€

Opening hours
Wed-Sun 8:30-17:00

Les Patisseries de Sébastien
Invalidenstraße 157, 10115 Berlin
Subway: Rosenthaler Platz

Contact Information
Telephone : 0176 49556708
Website: Facebook page


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