An independent Cinema in Berlin Kreuzberg : Babylon

An independent Cinema in Berlin Kreuzberg : Babylon

Be careful when you're scheduled to meet at the Babylon Cinema five minutes before the movie. Be sure to specify which Babylon it is because you're likely to end up in Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz while the movie is in Kreuzberg and you might not have time to buy popcorn or see the trailers and you'll probably even have to ask your buddy to give you a quick summary of the first half hour you've just missed.

Anyway, my friend never showed up.

There are actually two Babylon cinemas in Berlin (3.4 km apart) but the one I'd like to tell you about is the Babylon in Kreuzberg, located just behind the vibrant Kottbuser Tor district, at the end of a strangely quiet street.

The cinema was born in 1955 when the city was still ravaged by war and the whole district was being rebuilt. At the time it was called Helo Filmbühne and was located in a building in a residential area. For a short time it took the name of Kent and programmed only Turkish films. The movie theater was then completely renovated in the 80's, bought by the Yorck group and was given the name we know today: Babylon.

The cinema is often chosen at the Berlinale to program some of the festival's films in decentralized areas of the epicenter at Potsdamer Platz. Babylon-Kreuzberg plays the card of originality and does not hesitate to propose unexpected events in its two cinemas, such as the programming of the Porn Film festival last October or retrospectives, documentaries or meetings on directors whose latest film is presented in cinemas.

The film is ending. The crowd disperses silently in the dark streets. In the distance, the electricity of the night. And behind us, Babylon Kreuzberg.

Then we catch our breath and go on with our lives.

And I'll meet my friend who must be wandering around Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz.

Map, Address and Price

Price: 7,50€ on Monday, 9€ from Tuesday to Sunday (reduced rate 8€)
Subway: U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor
Address: Dresdener Str. 126, 10999 Berlin

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