An independent Cinema in Neukölln: Wolf Kino

An independent Cinema in Neukölln: Wolf Kino

You walk through the Weserstraße and see only the glow of candles and barely lit faces through the windows of the many bars. And then you walk into one of these bars, without paying any attention. You go in, have a beer and sit on a chair in this bar that looks like every other in the neighbourhood: a warm, comfortable bar, lit by candlelight. You chat, you observe people, distractedly. And then you see a crowd of people rushing to the counter and then disappearing into a dead end hallway. Twenty, thirty.

Fifty people enter, exchange a word with the server and disappear. The scene intrigues you. You go to the end of this corridor, see nothing but toilets, not big enough for receptions of 50 people. And then you sharpen your eyes and, behind a curtain, you understand. You come back and sit by your beer and everything lights up. You can now see them, the two rooms hidden in the Wolf's decor, barely visible, and the program, displayed above the counter. The Wolf Kino.

In 2015, professionals from the world of cinema launched a crowdfunding to bring the spectator closer to the creation of films and create a common friendly space: the Wolf cinema. The operation was a phenomenal success. Verona von Stackelberg, founder of the project, then took over the place, and gave it a facelift, she refurbished everything inside: in addition to the café or bar, two comfortable and intimate rooms for fifty people were created at the same time as a multi-modal room that could serve as a gallery, projection room or studio where professionals could, for example, finish a montage. The Wolf's goal is to break down the boundaries between the spectators and the creators and to bring them into dialogue and meet in the same place. Wolf Kino opened in March 2017.

Tonight, both rooms are full. The film is grandiose. The installations in each room have been designed and conceived in collaboration with directors to pay tribute to their work. The film "The Irishman" is breathtaking. It's 1:30 in the morning. People are scattering. And at the table behind us, with faces barely lit by candlelight, people continue to build a better world.

Map, Address and Price

Price: 8€ from Monday to Wednesday in the evening (reduced rate 7€), 8,50€ from Thursday to Sunday in the evening
Metro: U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln
Address: Weserstraße 59, 12045, Berlin

John-Henry Brichart


I write novels, short stories, travel the world, take pictures, get drunk and scatter. I studied journalism and worked as a freelancer in Brussels before moving to Lisbon and now to Berlin.

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