An independent cinema in Berlin Schöneberg: Odeon

An independent cinema in Berlin Schöneberg: Odeon

For the second cinema in our series of alternative cinemas in Berlin, we take you to the Odeon. The Odeon is first and foremost an atmosphere. In the middle of the buildings, a little off the avenue, the cinema seems to come from far away, from elsewhere, with its large neon letters indicating the title of the only film on display, as it was customary fifty years ago.

When you enter, only one counter (often abandoned and then held by a cardboard doll, especially when, as tonight, the film has been sold out for days, all bookings having been made online). And behind it is the only room with 359 seats - I arrived early, I had time to count. When you sit down, you feel like you're in the movie Inception, the ceiling looks like a tiled floor. A cinema, a film, a theatre. We return to the spirit of a theatre's embodiment with its film, far from the big cinemas or movie theater multiplexes.

But if the Odeon is a mythical Berlin cinema, it is because it is actually the first to have shown films in their original version, in 1958. And then we understand, when we look back at the American style panel and the green neon lights, that the building has survived the ages, storms and wars and that it is the city all around that has been modified, enlarged, rebuilt, without stopping. Until tonight.

A mythical evening at the Odeon.

Map, Address and Price

Price: 9,50€ on weekdays and weekends, reduced price on Monday (7,50€)
Metro: U-Bahn Rathaus Schöneberg or S-Bahn Bahnhof Schöneberg
Address: Hauptstraße 116, 10827 Berlin

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