Mauerpark in Berlin on Sunday: Karaoke & Flea Market

Mauerpark in Berlin on Sunday: Karaoke & Flea Market


The magic of Mauer Park is due to its neo-hippy atmosphere, reminiscent of Woodstock, the mix of genres, its giant outdoor karaoke and its flea market on the edge of the park, its dancers and djembe players, the curious automaton at the entrance to the park, and of course all the barbecues that are all around the grass. All this in the middle of Berlin!

When to go to Mauer Park and what to do there?

The Mauerpark is one of Berlin's most famous and unusual places. It recalls the atmosphere of music festivals. It is the ideal place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon, have a barbecue on the lawn (allowed), drink a beer sitting on the grass, listen to music, watch dancers and drummers, take a walk to the flea market and of course attend the famous outdoor karaoke at 3pm.

The Mauerpark is located in the bohemian district of Prenzlauer Berg and owes its name to the Berlin Wall ("Mauerpark") built in 1961. Military land in the 19th century, then goods custody. At the time of the GDR, this space was nothing more than a wasteland crossed by the wall. Indeed, part of the wall ran through the entire length of the park and separated the districts of Prenzlauerberg and Wedding. The wall ran along the Bernauer Straße and then turned left through the park to the Gleimstraße. The first wall was located on the edge of the park to the west and the second where the graffiti wall is currently located. It was only after the fall of the wall that the park took shape and became the Mauerpark. And it has only become popular in the last ten years.

Behind the heights of the park are the spotlights of the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark and the Max-Schmeling-Halle, where concerts, competitions and sport events take place. North of the park, a small farm with pigs and other animals. Surprising, isn't it?

The Mauerpark Karaoke on Sunday

Mauerpark Karaoke

Mauerpark Karaoke (© djunaphotos)

A unique event, which takes place every Sunday at 3pm in summer and brings together nearly 1000 people: "The Bear Pit karaoke" organised in the open air amphitheatre. Everyone can participate and try to show off their talent in front of an exalted and caring audience. Each performance is supported by a crowd of applause. Everyone here has their moment of glory! This is what makes the atmosphere of the karaoke both relaxed and very good-natured. A free, unforgettable show and a great moment of entertainment.

Joe Hatchiban, a thirty-year-old Irish, launched this initiative in 2009 and it quickly became an institution, bringing more and more people together. From now on, he is there every Sunday, with his famous parasol-stereo bike to host the event. And the amphitheatre is packed!

Note that it is best to go there in advance to make sure you find a place.

Opening hours: every Sunday at 3pm in summer, from April to October, depending on the weather (closed when it rains and in winter)
Location: 100m from the main entrance on the right. You can't miss it!
Facebook page: (useful to check if the karaoke is taking place)

The Mauerpark Flea Market (Flohmarkt)

With more than a hundred stands, the Mauerpark flea market is full of wonders at more or less low prices. Vintage lovers will be delighted. It is easy to find what you are looking for between second-hand books, old cameras, vinyls, clothes, retro jewellery, pottery, ceramics, German, Polish, Turkish and Italian objects, Soviet military equipment, creations by local designers and decoration of all kinds. A real Ali Baba cave. As in any flea market, there is a lot of bargaining going on! So do not hesitate to negotiate prices.

There are also many food stands and food trucks. Traditional dishes from all over the world: Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Costa Rican ceviche, Turkish salted pancakes stuffed with cheese or minced meat (Gözleme), or the traditional Currywurst, this typical Berlin dish made up of sausage, tomato sauce and curry powder. Dishes for all tastes: vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous.

My advice: Try the vegan Gyros from Eat up, a delicious Turkish vegetarian sandwich with a homemade vinaigrette sauce.

Address: The entrance is either through the park or from the street Bernauer Straße, number 63.
Opening hours: only on Sundays from 10am to 6pm.

Map, Address and how to get there

Map of the Mauerpark

The Mauer Park is located in Prenzlauer Berg and has several entrances:

- South entrance in the Bernauer Straße, at number 63
- North entrance via Gleimstraße (in this case, you will need to walk 5 to 10 minutes to reach the heart of the activities, the karaoke and the flea market)

To get there by subway

The Mauerpark is located in Prenzlauerberg, 5 minutes walk from the Eberswalderstraße metro station on line U2. From Eberswalder Straße, take Bernauer Straße and you will come to the park (this is the street perpendicular to the underground).

To get there by tram

The nearest stop, located just opposite Mauer Park, is Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark on lines M2 and M10.
Alternatively, you can go to Eberswalder Straße by M1 or M12 and then take Bernauer Straße to the park entrance.

To get there by bus

Take bus 247 and get off at Wolliner Str.

Any visit to Berlin on a sunny day should include the Mauerpark and its flea market in its programme. You will have understood it, it is more to do with friends than with family.


Raphaëlle Djuna Daouphars

Raphaëlle Djuna Daouphars


Art and Culture are my leitmotiv. As a cultural project manager, I have been passionate about photography and literature for several years. Berlin is for me a source of inspiration that never ceases to surprise me!