10 Best Places Where You Can Play Pétanque in Berlin

10 Best Places Where You Can Play Pétanque in Berlin

Pétanque, the French national boules sport, brings people together and Berlin has many playing fields with a bit of the charm of the south of France. Yes, a petanque set is heavy to carry (about 4 kg for a set of 6 boules). But what a joy to be with friends for a game. In teams or one on one, nothing better to develop a spirit of camaraderie while enjoying being outside.

The rules of the game

The goal is to get your balls as close as possible to the jack. The rules can be adapted according to the number of players. Here are some simplified rules for a game with three players with a set of 6 balls:

You decide who starts the game and throws the jack. The player who starts then throws his first ball, then the second player, then the third. Now, the player whose ball is farthest from the jack throws his second ball, the player whose ball is closest throws his second ball and so on.

The player whose ball is closest to the jack wins one point and the right to shoot the jack on the next turn. If the two balls closest to the jack belong to the same player, the player scores two points.

And so on until one of the players reaches 13 points.

Bring your petanque set and the field is yours. The map below will help you locate the courts near you.

Map of the petanques / boules courts in Berlin

10 Adresses to play petanque / boules in Berlin:

  • Rykestraße - Rykestraße 34, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Paul-Lincke-Ufer - between Forster and Liegnitzer Straße, Kreuzberg
  • Rathaus Schöneberg am goldenen Hirschbrunnen - between Fritz-Elsas-Straße and Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße, Schöneberg
  • Club Bouliste de Berlin e.V., Rue Doret 8, 13405 Berlin-Tegel
  • Schloßstraße am Charlottenburger Schloss - in front of "Kastanie", Charlottenburg
  • Park am Gleisdreieck - Möckernstraße, Kreuzberg, Yorckstraße, Schöneberg
  • Tegeler Hafen - Greenwichpromenade, an der Sechserbrücke, Tegel
  • Viktoriapark - in front of the soccer stadium Willy-Kressmann-Stadion near Dudenstraße, Kreuzberg
  • Gipsstraße Spielplatz - corner of Gipsstraße and Auguststraße, Mitte
  • Rathaus Reinickendorf - behind the Rathaus Reinickendorf, Rathauspark 1, Reinickendorf

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