ūü•® We have Found the Best Pretzels in Berlin !! ūü•®

ūü•® We have Found the Best Pretzels in Berlin !! ūü•®

Internationally renowned, pretzels (Brezel in German and Brezn in Bavarian) are one of the bastions of German cuisine. I thought it would be easy to find very good ones in Berlin. "Big mistake!" I have been told by true connoisseurs, for whom real pretzels are only to be found in Bavaria or Swabia (at least in southern Germany) and do not look like "those old dry eights that are sold to tourists in Berlin". 

Taking this mission very seriously, I took the capital by storm in search of a bakery that would sell real hausgemacht pretzels, a little crunchy on the outside and soft inside with a slightly iodized taste.

Braving the calories and after a careful selection, I go to a small bakery in Neukölln, a few steps from the Landwehrkanal. A few blocks away from my destination, I am already welcomed by the smell of fresh bread. On the spot, the atmosphere is warm and the decoration of the café calls to my childhood memories with its small wooden benches. Bearing its name well, the "Brezel Company" is the kingdom of the Pretzel - there are all kinds of pretzels: the classic Pretzel with its grains of salt, the Sesame or Cheese Pretzel but also more original Pretzels with poppy or pumpkin seeds). I feel like a fish in water. 

At my request, the owner of the establishment tells me that she prepares the pretzels herself before opening the shop. Delighted with this information, I contemplate the soft-looking sils breads with the characteristic "Einschnitt" at the bottom, which is typical for pretzels from the Swabian region of Stuttgart. In search of a good old classic, I opt for a pretzel decorated with coarse salt. Taking my precious nest egg to a table there, I take one last look at the well-stocked display case. 

Once at the table, the pretzel, barely out of its Kraft wrapper, is immediately devoured - so much so that at the end, my little fingers wander over the surface of the table to collect the last grains of salt. 

"Hat es dir geschmeckt?" the baker smiles at me. I answer in the affirmative and slowly finish my tea. Then I get up, walk to the exit and stop one last time in front of the stall. "Hast du noch einen Wunsch?" - Absolutely!

And it's the heavy arms of a package containing 8 large pretzels that I take out of the store. To conclude this experience, I brought some to my Bavarian friends who said they were "really good for Berlin". Which, for connoisseurs of the pride of this Land, is a real consecration. 

Brezel Company Berlin


Address: Lenaustraße 10, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Metro: U8 Hermannplatz
Opening hours: monday - sunday from 6 am to 7 pm.

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With a curious personality and a passion for well-chosen words, writing and discovery are my two passions. Berlin intrigues and fascinates me, with its cultural and artistic richness, its modernity and its ability to constantly renew itself.

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