You don't know Berlin yet if you haven't danced in Teledisko!

You don't know Berlin yet if you haven't danced in Teledisko!

Today, throughout Europe, people are thinking of converting old telephone booths that have become obsolete. Some become small libraries where books are exchanged free of charge, others are transformed into works of art but Berlin undoubtedly holds the palm of originality. Teledisko had the brilliant idea to make these old telephone booths the smallest nightclubs in the world.

So it looks like a phone booth, gold or silver, but once inside, it's another world waiting for you. The principle? The first time, a little suspicious, you approach this intriguing object with blocked windows that has the charm of Berlin evenings. On an outside screen of the booth you choose a song (preferably for dancing, but this time you are the DJ and you decide) and then you slide inside and close the door behind you. And let the party begin! Smoke screen, sound system, lights and even photos and videos of the evening. The celebration lasts for the duration of a song and when you leave the dark, smoky and dancing world of the phone booth to resume the course of your life, something, imperceptibly, in the daylight, has changed.

Teledisko is the German brand that has marketed these mini-discos in RAW and Kater Blau on a permanent basis. I also recently danced in a Teledisko on Kurfürstenstenstrasse. There are also mobile models available for rental for temporary events. In this case, access is free of charge. Otherwise you have to pay from 1€ to 4€ depending on the models and the desired package (video or photo in addition to music).

The advantage? No one refuses you entry and you're sure you and all your friends will find each other inside. There is no maximum number of guests recommended, as long as you can close the door, to immerse yourself, for a few minutes, in a parallel universe. But it's physically complicated to bring in more than 6 people at a time. If you succeed, feel free to send us the photo.

Map and Locations

Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

Kater Blau
Holzmarktstraße 25
10243 Berlin

Photo © djunaphotos

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