The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Berlin Mitte [2023]

The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Berlin Mitte [2023]


I love the cozy, intimate atmosphere of cocktail bars. The feeling of slowly plunging into the night and forgetting time. I have my own precise habits: I always start with my favorite cocktail, the Whiskey Sour, because I like to see how the bartender interprets it, then I move on to a more experimental cocktail, giving the mixologist carte blanche.

Here's my ranking of the 5 best cocktail bars in Berlin Mitte, based on decoration and atmosphere, service and, above all, the quality and originality of the drinks.

1. Cookies Cream Cocktail Bar: a cosy, hidden cocktail bar in Mitte

Cookies Cream Bar

Everything I like. It's cold and dark, you're at a dead end that you wouldn't dare walk into if you weren't in Berlin, and then at the far end, a door opens and you feel as if you've entered another world.

Hidden away in a backyard in the heart of the Mitte district, just off Friedrichstraße, in the rooms below the vegetarian-vegan Michelin-starred restaurant, the intimate, elegant 15-seat Cookies Cream Bar is a hidden gem, headed by mixologist Dada Daoud.

Some cocktails are inspired by the cuisine of the Cookies Cream chef, with unexpected combinations, such as a Parmesan-infused vodka with tomato and black pepper or the golden yellow drink called Peas & Saffron with lime infusion (whose surprising taste is delicious!).

The bar's elegant decor, with its wallpaper and polished black countertop, sets the scene for an immersive, intimate experience, making Cookies Cream Bar a must-visit for those wanting a taste of Berlin's cocktail avant-garde (and for all cocktail lovers, too!).

Our favorite: Peas & Saffron (mandarine, red Williams pear, agave & lime)
Average price per cocktail: 13-15€
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday from 9 pm until 2 am
Address: Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin

2. Buck and Breck: A beaufiful, intimate speakeasy

Buck and Breck Berlin

In the heart of Mitte, not far from Rosenthaler Platz, an unassuming door, right next to a storefront featuring a stuffed pink flamingo, hides an intimate sanctuary with barely more than 10-12 seats.

Created by Gonçalo de Sousa Monteiro, this award-winning bar (appearing on the World’s Best 50 Bars list) escapes convention and offers an experience where music is a whisper, a place with a hushed ambience where distinctions blur and the emphasis is on meticulously crafted cocktails.

With a small, carefully crafted drinks menu with many reinterpreted classics, Buck & Breck speakeasy is a haven for those who appreciate intimacy and want to dive deep into the night.

Our favorite: French 75 (Gin - Lemon Juince - Champagne)
Average price per cocktail: 15-18€
Opening hours: Everyday except Saturday from 7 pm to 2 am (closed on Saturday)
Address: Brunnenstraße 177, 10119 Berlin

3. Bar Neiro: A Japanese-style listening bar

Cocktail Bar Neiro

In an elegant setting and a beautifully, acoustically-designed interior, Bar Neiro is a listening bar inspired by Japan’s jazz-kissas. The music is played from vinyl, from a high-quality sound system.

Relax, get into the flow and enjoy the music while drinking a Matcha Sour or a Highball with Japanese whisky.

Tip: Be sure to book before going there.

Our favorite: Matcha Sour (Gin - Matcha - Lime)
Average price per cocktail: 10-15€
Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday from 6 pm to 1 am
Address: Ohmstraße 11, 10179 Berlin

4. Melody Nelson: An intimate cocktail bar in Mitte

Melody Nelson Bar

One of our favorite bars in Mitte. And still an insider tip that only a few people know about.

Great atmosphere, relaxed people, good live music on Saturdays, nice, friendly service, fantastic drinks, and a bartender who knows his job and always responds individually to your wishes! What more could you ask for?

Our favorite: Glass Aged Greenpoint (Woodford Reserve Whiskey red vermouth, yellow chatreuse, bitters - rested in the glass for 4 weeks)
Average price per cocktail: 12-15€
Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 6 pm to 1 am (Saturday from 7pm until 3am)
Address: Hannoversche Str. 2, 10115 Berlin

5. Mr Susan: A cool and friendly bar with unusual cocktails

Mr Susan Bar Berlin Mitte

Tucked away in a basement between Hackescher Markt, Monbijoupark and Oranienburger Strasse, Mr. Susan is a hidden gem in Berlin's Mitte district. This bar seamlessly blends cozy ambiance with inventive decor, ideal for an evening out with friends.

What sets Mr. Susan apart is its bold, Korean-influenced drinks menu, with unique ingredients like Yakult and kimchi - unexpected and delicious. But it's not just the drinks: the service is friendly and professional, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Our favorite: Kimchi Margarita (Mezcal - Lime - Agave - Fresh Kimchi Juice)
Average price per cocktail: 11-15€
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 6pm to 1-2 am (closed on Sunday and Monday)
Address: Krausnickstraße 1, 10115 Berlin

If you don't drink alcohol, don't worry: All these bars offer great non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks.


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