3 days to visit Berlin? Challenge accepted ūüí™

3 days to visit Berlin? Challenge accepted ūüí™

A worthy 3-day stay in Berlin should in any case include a visit to historical monuments as well as unique, unusual and original Berlin activities. In other words, let yourself be carried away by our program between Classicism and Underground for a unique visit of the coolest capital in the world! 

This program includes among others: 

  • Unter den Linden
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Berlin Opera
  • Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Fernsehturm
  • Hackesche Höfe
  • Berggruen Museum (Picasso)
  • Neues Museum
  • Street Art and Haus Schwarzenberg

Day 1: Visit historic Berlin

Lined with memories, the city of Berlin surprises with its heterogeneous architecture: divided by a wall for 30 years, divided between Western and communist politics, it presents many contrasts that are very visible on the promenade between Siegessäule and Alexanderplatz. The famous Unter den Linden avenue is rich in historical monuments and is, in fact, a must for every visitor to the capital. 

Morning (9am-12pm)

Start the day with a good cardio workout by climbing to the top of the victory column (Siegessäule). This will give you a great view of the Tiergarten Park, Unter den Linden and in the distance the Fernsehturm - the goal of your quest. (if you woke up too late or don't want to have too busy a schedule, you can skip this visit and start directly at the Brandenburg Gate)

You can then choose to take the bus or walk along the small paths inside of the Tiergarten - a very pleasant walk in spring or summer. On your way, you will pass the Soviet Memorial just before reaching the impressive Brandenburg Gate. You can then turn right to see the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe or continue under the Brandenburg Gate to discover the historical wonders of the famous Unter den Linden

From the Pariser Platz you can already admire the Hotel Adlon and the beautiful embassies. Continue on to Bebelplatz, located between Humboldt University and St. Hedwig's Cathedral, made infamous by the night of the auto-da-fé that gave way to the memorial of the sunken library.

Lunch (12h) 

Gendarmenmarkt: a classic, an institution of more than 200 years: the Lutter and Wegner restaurant with its bow-tie waiters, works of art on the wall and above all excellent German specialities such as Schnitzel, Kalbsleber, Maultaschen and the famous Kaiserschmarrn for dessert, and very good German or Austrian wines.

Afternoon (13h-17h) 

Take to the road again and admire the wonders before your eyes: the Berlin Opera House, the memorial dedicated to the victims of war and tyranny (Neue Wache), the Kronprinz Palace and the former Kommandantur. Then cross the castle bridge decorated with warriors and goddesses of victory and you will be taken directly to the majestic Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom). Continue past the statue of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and the Neptune Fountain. Keep going straight ahead.

Alexanderplatz, a showcase of Soviet brutalism, art and socialist-looking buildings. On the square you can walk to the top of the Fernsehturm and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Berlin.

A walk in the surrounding area will reveal beautiful sights such as the former courtyards of the Hackesche Höfe or murals and street art in the courtyard of Haus Schwarzenberg. If you want to take a break, enter the legendary Berlin-style Café Cinema. 

Aperitif (18-19h) - optional but highly recommended

To enjoy the city lights from a different angle and have a nightcap, go for a drink at one of the city's Rooftops. In the summer, the House of Weekend on Alexanderplatz has a splendid summer terrace at the top of a tower just above the club - in winter, the Monkey Bar (underground U2 Zoologischer Garten) will give you a splendid view of the Tiergarten from your warm glass capsule! 

Dinner (20h)

In Berlin, there's something for everyone! For those looking for a more intimate dinner, there are many restaurants with a romantic atmosphere; Dachkammer with candlelight in Friedrichshain is located in a street lit by many typical Berlin bars - ideal for those who don't want to stay up too late! For those who are just waiting to get started, a delicious pizza in one of Berlin's best pizzerias seems like the perfect place to start the evening. 

Evening + NIGHT (from 21-22h)

First night in Berlin, maybe first attempt to enter the famous Berghain, one of the best clubs in the world, if the entrance is not expensive for the quality of the place (15€), the entrance is very restrictive and nobody really knows the criteria (black clothes, SM, extravagant, casual?). In case of failure, no need to worry! The city is full of other possibilities in terms of Clubs. Otherwise, for bar lovers, 8mm, Rotbart, Booze Bar, Süss war Gestern and Geronimo are sure values!

Day 2: Discover the unusual and underground Berlin (Saturday)

Berlin's dynamic cultural scene is the envy of many of the world's major cities. 

Morning (9am-12pm)

Let's start this second day off with some nice things, shall we? 

If you prefer to stay in the Mitte district, the Museum Island is full of museums such as the Neues Museum with the sculpted bust of the beautiful Nefertiti or the Pergamon Museum and the impressive Ishtar Gate!

Less well known but just as interesting (in another district, however, in Charlottenburg) is the Berggruen Museum with an impressive collection of paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Klee and Giacometti.

Visit the Picasso Museum and be surprised at the lightness of his wooden blackbird and his perception of Dora Maar. Weather permitting, follow this with a leisurely stroll through Charlottenburg Palace Garden Park. Then take the opportunity to visit the mysterious Church of Remembrance or to go shopping in the beautiful shops (Gucci, Chanel, Max Mara, Dior, KaDeWe) in Kudamm.

Let's also mention the Berlin Zoo, ideal if you are with children. In january 2020, it hosted the birth of twin pandas!

Lunch (12h) 

The House of small Wonder is a strategic place for those who want to discover typical Berlin places, such as the Bunker of the Boros collection and Tacheles, the most famous former squat in Europe. A small Asian restaurant, it stands out from the others by its decoration marked by exotic vegetation.

Afternoon (13h-17h) 

Berlin is full of fascinating sightseeing! Take an afternoon to visit a private art collection in a Bunker: the Boros Contemporary Art Collection or the Feuerle Collection with its 10th century Khmer statues staged in a play of light and shadow.

Or take advantage of a rainy afternoon to visit the city from a completely different angle: through the underground passages! Berliner Unterwelten organizes tours of the depths of the city. In search of mysterious offices, secret passages from East to West or makeshift shelters - choose your route! 

Aperitif (18-19h) - optional but highly recommended

After a day full of sightseeing, where can you go for a drink to relax? Have a drink at the intimate Buck & Breck speakeasy? Sit in an airplane seat for a shot at Geronimo? Enjoy the electric atmosphere and the shimmering red light of Barbie Deinhoff's? Lose your head at Madame Claude's where everything is upside down? Or simply have a beer in the beautiful and typical Erdinger Brewery on Gendarmenmarkt! It's up to you! 

Dinner (20h)

Visit Max und Moritz in Kreuzberg to taste typical German cuisine or the Cevicheria, a Peruvian restaurant with an excellent Pisco Sour.

Other tip: The Beuster, for French cuisine in a less stilted Berlin atmosphere (bistro-style cuisine) or Jimmy Woo for lovers of Asian cuisine.

Evening + NIGHT (from 21-22h)

For the rest of the evening, let's go to the Weserstr. in the heart of the Neukölln district: a long street with as many bars as there are stars in the sky - at least that's the impression it gives.

Some of the best known and nicest are the KADUKA (formerly Fuchs und Elster, Weserstr. 207, 12047 Berlin), the Ratzeputz (Weserstr. 182, 12045 Berlin), the TiER (Weserstr. 42, 12045 Berlin) or the Ä (Weserstr. 40, 12045 Berlin).

Then, if your heart and your liver allows it, go to one of the best clubs in Berlin. Second night in Berlin, maybe a second attempt at the Berghain? or the opportunity to try the Kitkat, the emblematic club of Berlin's nightlife. Finally, it would be a crime not to mention Ritter Butzke, Komet Bernhard's favourite club!

Day 3: Quiet day... a Sunday in Berlin

Last day in Berlin, maybe the opportunity to do everything you didn't manage to do (FYI: the Berghain is also open on Sundays!) or to get off your feet and enjoy a quiet Sunday. 

A Sunday without Brunch is not a real Sunday and in Berlin there are plenty of options! Make yourself comfortable in one of the best Brunch locations in the city. Take your time at Betty & Cathy, a family atmosphere brunch with fabulous mueslis and delicious fruit juices, before going to the famous Mauerpark flea market and enjoy its woodstock atmosphere (in summer there is also an open air KARAOKE not to be missed!!).

Alternatively, take a brunch at the Silo Café in Friedrichshain and stroll through this beautiful district, which remains more alternative than the others, in the direction of the Oberbaumbrücke (enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Berlin) and the East Side Gallery, the largest open-air street art and mural gallery in the world! 

If the weather is nice and you still have time in the afternoon, extend the walk to Tempelhof and drink a beer while watching the sunset.

Rapha√ęlle Radermecker


With a curious personality and a passion for well-chosen words, writing and discovery are my two passions. Berlin intrigues and fascinates me, with its cultural and artistic richness, its modernity and its ability to constantly renew itself.

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